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Great  game. It kept me on my toes the whole time, I was expecting something to be in every room which reallly added to the tension.

I had a lot of fun, fantastic work! :D

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I haven't really played horror games before and found this genuinely creepy. Awessome work  and a fantastic game, the footsteps on the wooden floors and spooky eyes on the paintings.... I'd love to see more :)

Loved the build up throughout the game. Really creepy game, would've loved to see more of this! Great work. 

A very awesome short horror game. I wish it was longer. Love how the booogeyman appeared in the paintings.

👻 NEVER TRUST A PAINTING | Something In The Shadows 👻

Welcome to Something In The Shadows! A game where things hide... in the shadows! 😅 Also included a small thanks to @itsGoncy at the start of the video cause he's a top guy that i helped out on his PT Video😉


Played this as part of a 3 free indie horrors on my channel. It was a neat little experience. It wasn't particularly scary, but it had pretty good atmosphere and the sounds design, Movement and Lighting were pretty okay. Overall, i like it and want to see more from you! You can watch my video of it below! 

Thanks for playing!!


Game was soooo goood!! I had goosebumps throughout the whole gameplay! Phenomenal job! 

Thank you very much!! :)

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Pretty good game! I really liked the focus on atmosphere and subtlety that most indie horror games these days completely ignore. I'll post my video on the game once it's done!

Thanks for playing! :)


This is a very well made game. I can see you having a future in game development for sure.

Here's my channel if you want to see more games I played.

Thank you!! :)

Stalked by a dude in a painting simulator.


Very cool chill exploration horror game and it looked realy nice ledge game

thanks!! appreciate the nice words :)


YOU CAN'T RUN?!! YOU CAN'T HIDE?!! And most importantly ; YOU CAN'T F#%KING ESCAPE THE INEVITABLE DEATH!! It was a great short horror game! Not really any challenge to it. But it was fun to play :) Keep up the good work!              

thanks for playing!!


Reading the comments, a lot of people were having trouble with both, turning the lights back on and finding the key. In my first swing at this, I personally had trouble with the latter.

In order to help anyone else that gets stuck, I made a short 4 minute how to on beating the game.


wish there were some jumpscares

thanks for playing! 

Sorry it wasn't jumpy enough for you :) We aren't fans of those types of games and wanted to focus more on atmospheric tension. Thank you for the feedback though!


Drunk let's play, schools out and I'm your teacher now, here's your grade

Hi!! thanks for playing :)

Clarifying the real-time design class part, it was made as a final project for the class, and three people worked on it including myself. The names are in the menu on the credits tab :)


I played something in the shadows as one of the three games in Albsterz Indie Hour. I really did enjoy playing your game. Looking forward to what you do next 

thanks!! means a lot :)


I didn't have any of the issues previous videos reported, and was able to complete the game. Really liked the layout of the house, it felt very natural and like an actual house. All the assets are well made and the subtle changes to the pictures was an amazing touch that had me doubting myself if they were there before or not. 


A Short game, but it's solid and does its job, isn't cheap and it isn't half-assed like many other indie devs who just use royalty-free-everything and it reeks of copy-paste. As someone who plays tons of horrors, something like this has zero faults for the most part.

thank you very much!!! glad you liked it :)


this game was awesome :D really really creepy but awesome! great atmosphere :D great job on making this game :D 

thanks very much!!!


Awesome short horror game, great atmosphere, and great just overall mood. Great Job!

Thank you very much!! glad you liked it :))


Fun game!! Here's a video if anyone wants to watch it! =)

Thank you!! 🤠


fun little game!

my channel (opens in new tab)

Thanks for playing!!


This was a really good game for it being short! Made me feel like there was a threat as I was walking through the house so I was always on edge! Great game!

Thanks very much for playing the game!!! glad you liked it :)


yeah, it was terrifying, but fun, thanks!


Second one is Something in the dark (3:25 about). I didn't know what to expect and when I get scared. But I liked this game! I was so sure I will die in basement. Good job!


thank you very much!! :~)


I tried the game as well. After playing it, I read the comment. Unlike most people, I successfully turned the circuit breakers back on, but the key still didn't spawn...

Hi! I checked your playthrough and the key did spawn. I saw it on your gameplay :) for the sake of not spoiling the game I'm not going to tell you where it is but you definitely missed it in one of the bathrooms.

Thanks for playing, and making a video on the game!!


I must have missed it then.... I guess I'll go back and try again.


Really good game, :D

I really enjoyed it.. Shame about the key at the end though, I tried to get it to spawn but it wouldn't 

Hi!! thanks for playing the game!

What happened is that you didn't  activate the circuit breaker in the basement, which is how I make the front door key spawn :p there was a both a visual bug and with the UI due to how close the circuit breaker and that last note are together that makes it confusing. If you want to play the game again, you can just go through to the basement, back off a little and go back towards the circuit breaker until the left click message pops up again. Should spawn the key and let you finish the game :)

Sorry about the bug! I'll get a fix running as soon as I have access to the files again.

Ah ! Good to know :) I liked the game all the same, I thought it was really good

Thank you very much! Means a lot :))


This a well done game. And I enjoyed it. But, I unfortunately could not finish it. My key was never populated so I was stuck in the house forever.  :( If you fix it and I can obtain the key I'll play it again so I can see the ending. 


Hi! Looking at your playthrough (thanks for doin' it by the way!) you didn't flip the circuit breaker, which spawns the key in one of the bathrooms. Looks like it's an error on my end, with the interact UI message not showing through after you pick up the note next to the circuit breaker - it's my bad! 

If you want to play through the game again, just make sure you back off a little and get closer to the circuit breaker again - then you should be able to interact with it. Sorry about the issue! I won't be able to work on a fix for a few more days unfortunately, so this could be a way for you to see the ending still.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the response and you're welcome! But awesome I'll defiantly give it another go. Unfortunately my computers' power supply decided to take a crap so I have a new one coming in and once I receive it this will be the first game I play (again, haha) so I can see the end. 

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Nice game! as a fellow novice developer I have some recomendations you could try. I noticed you used colliders that detects when a player hits a button (lights, doors, etc..) this gets the job done however you should try using Raycasting, it's super easy and will make it very accurate so that the message only appears when the players looking directly at the door knob, plus you can change the crosshair color. Also I noticed the mouse sensitivity was really slow, you could try bumping it up a bit, also if it isn't the standard unity controller make sure to times it by times.deltatime to ensure it's the same on every PC. The game looks nice, but some other stuff you could do includes making sure you're using defferred rendering, post processing, no MSAA, and you might even be interested in adding a higher quality skybox with HDRI and make sure the lighting is coming from it. Other than that it was a fun game! I expect great games from you. :)  

Thanks for all the great feedback!! I'm really glad you liked the game :')


ótimo jogo cara,da muito medo 

Thank you!! Gracias!


White eyes.... Cool game....

Thanks for playin & the video!! :)

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lol good creepy 

Thank you!!! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the vid!!

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